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This document summarizes two studies we conducted in Kampala that examined public spaces. The first study, conducted in 2014, identified the number of formal parks and open spaces – those spaces recognized by the government. The second study, conducted in 2015, involved a sampling of 10 slums, two for each of Kampala’s five divisions, and identified the informal spaces slum dwellers used for recreation.

Creating Great Public Spaces in Three African Cities: Kampala Report

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This report summarizes the Lukuli Playground pilot project, which we  collaborated with HealthBridge and which was funded by UN-Habitat.

Informal Places for Active Recreation and Children's Play in Kampala Slums, Uganda

Key Facts

This study builds on our 2014 research by assessing the availability and characteristics of informal open spaces in a sample of 10 slums and the areas surrounding the slums: two for each of the Kampala’s five divisions.

Availability and Quality of Parks in Kampala

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We conducted a study on the current park availability as opposed to land that is designated for parks but used for another purpose, especially in the outer city divisions. In addition, the study examined the quality of existing parks and the recreational and physical exercise activities they permit.

Public Space Policy Analysis in Uganda: Parks and Playgrounds, Streets, and Markets

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Public spaces – parks, open and green spaces, markets and streets – play a major role in making cities inclusive,
resilient, and sustainable. This role is, however, largely dependent on the existence, implementation, and
promotion of robust policies and legislation including explicit inclusion of these spaces in urban plans. The
analysis below assesses the quantity, quality, accessibility and usability of public space in Uganda’s capital city
Kampala and the supportive environment (policies, legislation and plans) .

APS Booklet

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Advocates for Public Spaces (APS®) is a Ugandan registered non-profit making company limited by guarantee . It is a voluntary association working to promote and protect the availability and quality of public spaces in urban areas. Our objective is to increase access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces, fresh food markets, urban fresh air, and non-motorized active transportation. To achieve this objective, APS® works with urban communities, local and national governments and international stakeholders.


Green and Open Public Spaces

Supporting access to play and physical activity

Open public spaces, such as parks, public squares, and beaches, are critical to everyday life as they help provide communities with areas of green space, activity, and socialization. Parks in particular are areas where community members can engage in a variety of physical activities such as sport and play. Access to good-quality parks is essential for our well-being.