Fresh Food Markets

Supporting access to healthy foods

Local public markets have played an important role in communities for centuries and are a key public space. Local markets serve the community in numerous ways, including acting as a main trading centre where people can earn a living, creating social spaces in neighbourhoods for locals to meet and interact with one another and linking rural and urban communities. Until the later half of the 20th century, most food was purchased at local markets, a trend which continues in developing countries today.



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Public Spaces Policy Analysis in Uganda

Parks and Playgrounds, Streets, and Markets

This analysis assesses the quantity, quality, accessibility and usability of public space in Uganda’s capital city Kampala and the supportive environment (policies, legislation and plans) .

Local Markets in Kampala

Summary Report

This document summarizes the 2020 study on local markets in Kampala.

Local Markets in Kampala

Research Findings on the Availability and Quality of Local Markets in Kampala

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